Pre-Order Status

Keep up to date with the status of your preorder items!


LAST UPDATE: 12/9/21 AT 3:54 PM EST


Chart Definitions: 


Pending Status = Waiting for materials, or products are in line for production.


In Production = The product has entered the production phase.


Preparing Shipment = The factory has packaged the items and is preparing to hand them over to the delivery Vessel.


On Vessel (Ship) = Item's have been handed over to the shipping service. In this circumstance, they are now on a ship for delivery. This shipping method takes about 2 weeks.


Port Arrival = The ship has arrived to the port in the US. The items will be offloaded and handed over to a local delivery service, UPS. They also have to go through customs. This process varies in time. Chart will be updated with ETA date when UPS tracking updates.


Grading = Quality Check and Organization


Preparing Preorders = Packaging to ship


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