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Preorder Information

The Blue Seoul occasionally hosts preorder periods to meet the demand for specific products and projects. 

What is a preorder?

A preorder is when a product is available for purchase before it is on-hand/produced. Preorder periods allow us to order more stock and meet the demand for highly anticipated products.

How long does a preorder take?

Preorder timeframes vary with each project. For larger more complex items, such as our apparel and bags, the preorder/production time is normally 2-3 months.

Production Period: 25-30 days.

Shipping Period: 25-30 days.

For larger items, we opt to use Sea Shipping. This allows us to give you the best pricing possible, however, it can take up to 30 days for the freight to be delivered to the US.

Port congestion and delays:

Recently, there has been a congestion issue with the ports in the US. It may take up to an additional week before the shipment is transferred to the domestic courier (UPS/FEDEX) and delivered to us. You can follow us on social media for frequent updates regarding shipment.

Can I cancel a preorder?

After 24 hours of purchase, your preorder cannot be canceled.

If you cannot wait the preorder period, do not order. Charge backs due to your impatience will end in you being blacklisted from shopping with us again.


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